Examples of Tours We Offer

Tokyo Private Tour

Enjoy hassle-free pickup from your hotel and explore Tokyo at your own pace, spending as long as you wish at such landmarks as the Meiji Shrine, Imperial Palace, and Tsukiji Fish Market.

Mt. Fuji, Onsen Experience & Outlets

Spend a day exploring Mt. Fuji and the surrounding area on this day trip that includes a visit to a hot spring resort (onsen) from Tokyo. Ascend the slopes of Mt. Fuji, reaching its 5th Station, for amazing views.

Historic and Natural Guided Hike in Yoshino

Located in the southern part of Nara Prefecture, "Yoshinoyama" is known as one of the most famous cherry blossom areas in Japan. Yoshino mountain is covered with 30,000 cherry trees blooming in the spring. Its elegant and elegant landscape continues to attract many people, from ancient times to the present age.

Most Picturesque Hikes in Japan

Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji, Japan's tallest and most famous mountain, is climbed by several hundred thousand people each year. Most visit during the main hiking season in July and August, although some of the hiking facilities are also available during September.


Kurama is a rural town in the mountains of northern Kyoto, less than one hour from the city centre. Kurama is best known for Kurama-dera Temple, which stands at the top of a steep, wooded mountainside.

Rishiri and Rebun

Part of Japan's northernmost national park, Rishiri and Rebun are two beautiful islands that lie just off the coast of northern Hokkaido. Rebun is most famous for its rich flora and views of nearby Rishiri, which can be enjoyed from a variety of hiking trails that lead around the island.

Interesting Facts about Japan

In Japan, You Bow Instead Of Shaking Hands

For international guests and business persons, you will probably shake hands because Japanese people always want to be polite and welcome their guests with their own culture.

Vending machine ratio

To every person, there are approximately 23 vending machines. You can buy ANYTHING in a vending machine.

Fake food

Outside of most restaurants, you will find fake replicas of the food that the restaurant serves! You may also find ones that move! Yes, animated food – only in Japan.

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Here, in Japan, the future and past are like roommates in a Tokyo-sized apartment, sharing a space that seems too small for either but which miraculously accommodates both in harmony that could only be Japanese. Endlessly fascinating and fascinatingly foreign, enigmatic Japan is a culture irresistible to Westerners, one that hits you like a sumo wrestler at full tilt.

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